Blackberry KEYone Back With “Qwerty”Keyboard

Blackberry KEYone Back With “Qwerty”Keyboard

Today, on 1st August, the Canadian company Blackberry launched its new phone “BlackBerry KEY One” in India. The company has kept the price of this last phone at Rs 39,999 in the Indian market. The company has made this new phone in collaboration with its partner company TCL. It was first introduced in February 2017 with the World Congress.

The sale of this phone will begin on August 8 from various e-commerce company websites.

This Blackberry smartphone is considered more special because the company has also used finger sensor embedded technology in the ‘space-bar’ pad as well as capacities gesture functioning in this new phone.

The company has given more display than the phone before this phone. If you talk about the keyboard of this phone, its keyboard is designed like an old phone. This phone is launched with a 4.5 inch HD display.

However, the price of this past gives a bit more vegetation, because it has more facilities than before. The company has a 625 processor and graphic, 506 GPU, 7.0 Android nod, 7.0 GB of RAM, 32 GB storage capacity, 3,505 mAh battery, 12 megapixel Sony IMX378 rear camera, 8 megapixel Front camera and its accompanying booster feature have used the internal part.

That’s the capacity of this phone you can increase to 2TB with the help of Micro SD card. The company has used Quick Charging technology for charging this phone. The company has also set up a USB with C-Port in view of the customer’s convenience. To maximize connectivity, the company has used this phone with hard core WiFi, 4G NFC and GPS GPS.

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This mobile will play a more important role with customers.We expect Blackberry fan will love this mobile very much because Blackberry was a great company of its time.

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