Vodafone Introduced New Offer Rs. 392 With 28GB of Data, Unlimited Calls

Vodafone has introduced its new data plan on Tuesday. This pack is for prepaid customers of Delhi NCR. Vodafone wants to challenge Relience Jio through this plan. This new plan is Rs. 392. You will get 1 GB 4G data every day in this plan and besides this you will also get unlimited calls. This pack is valid for 28 days and with this pack you will get Unlimited roaming. Vodafone has introduced another plan, in which you have to pay Rs. 198.

Vodafone Plan  Rs.349 and Rs.392 plan look the same as something new does not seem special. Because this plan is already available to customers in Delhi. Vodafone has launched another plan in which 2 GB of data will be available in Delhi and Vodafone to Vodafone Unlimited calls. You will have to pay Rs 198 for this plan. The validity of this plan will be 28 days.

Vodafone says this plan is for customers who often visit their homes. Vodafone India official Alok Verma has said “that a lot of Delhi-NCR customers go roaming in the festive season.We felt that these customers need such affordable recharge so that they can stay in touch with their family and friends at home.”

Many peoples visit their homes in the festive season and they want to be in touch with their family and friends , so this pack Vodafone has launched.We all know that in today’s time Reliance Jio has given tough competition to all the telecom companies. Due to this, there is a huge compression in these companies, which is causing lot of benefits to the customers. Everyday customers are getting new offers.

After the arrival of Reliance Jio, many companies are bringing new offers. That is why customers are making great profits.This offer race is going to grow even more in the coming time.Looking forward to see what new companies will present


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